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How to remove dark spots on elbows

Dark spots on elbows can be removed with care Image: Collected

Elbow is one part of the body that needs regular rubbing. And so naturally the skin here looks rough and dark compared to other parts of the body. For many, that is a cause of distress. However, with regular care, the skin of the elbows also regains its glow. This part can be taken care of by using natural ingredients. Take care of elbows with the help of lemon, honey, various fruits and milk, check out these tips of the experts.

Mix lemon juice with vegetables

A mixture of lemon juice and sugar will act as a scrubbing agent and will also help remove blackheads. Semolina can be taken lightly and scrubbed with a few drops of lemon juice. A mixture of tulsi leaves, lemon and honey should be massaged lightly on the skin and left for 20 minutes. This should be done three days a week. Using a mixture of potato juice and honey will also reduce blackness. Mash half of the potatoes and extract the juice. Mix half spoon of honey with it and make a mixture. Now apply it on the elbow and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash off when dry. Use it like this for a few weeks. Tomato paste mixed with honey will also work as bleach. Sandalwood and lemon peel mixed together and applied for a while will reduce the blackness on elbows.

With the help of milk

Make a mixture by mixing milk syrup, a few drops of pistachio nut oil and a small amount of glycerin in a bowl. Now apply it on the elbow skin and after some time massage it and remove it. It will make the skin soft. A mixture of milk, honey and lemon also brightens the skin, applying it on elbows will reduce dark spots. Elbows and knees can be scrubbed by mixing oatmeal and milk. It will reduce the roughness and the skin will be soft.

With the help of flowers and fruits

Mix rose flower petals, sour curd and flour and apply it on the elbow for 15-20 minutes and wash it off. It removes dark spots. You can clean knees and elbows by mixing marigold flower petals with face wash. A mixture of ripe papaya with a few drops of glycerine, honey and gram flour will lighten the black color on elbows.

Source: Good Housekeeping