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The price of vegetables has increased in summer

own reporter; The temperature mercury is fluctuating between 40 and 42 degrees Celsius in the room. Another 72-hour ‘heat alert’ has been issued in the country. Since last March, people of all classes are in trouble due to such hostile behavior of the weather. The impact of hostile weather is everywhere. Especially in hot weather, the supply of vegetables in the market is low. As a result, the price has increased.

Vegetable sellers say the heat wave has affected the supply of vegetables. Vegetables are getting wasted in farmers’ fields. Besides, the cost of vegetable production has also increased due to repeated irrigation. That is why the price of vegetables is high in the village.

On the other hand, the price of ginger-garlic in the market is also increased. Apart from this, the prices of fish and meat along with products like rice, dal, flour, flour have also stabilized.

As previously announced, new soybean prices have started to hit the market. The new price of one liter of bottled soybean oil has been fixed at Tk 167 per litre, which is Tk 4 more than before.

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Visiting different markets of the capital on Friday, papaya, which is always within reach, is now being sold at Tk 50-60. Which is within 40 rupees most of the year. Apart from this, after Eid, the price of potatoes has increased by Tk 15 per kg and is being sold at Tk 55-60 depending on the quality. Which was between Tk 40-50 before Eid.

Among other essential vegetables, brinjal is being sold at Tk 70-80, kankarol Tk 70-80, rinds Tk 60-70, potal Tk 60-80. Vegetables like sajne, usta, bitter gourd and jing are being sold at Tk 80 to Tk 100 per kg.