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Who is this fashionista princess?

The royal matters of the princess can only be found in fairy tale books! Princesses are still seen in reality. Although they are very insignificant in number. Many of India’s billionaires and royals have made a name for themselves as fashionistas. The women of the Ambani family can even surpass Bollywood stars in popularity! Another young woman’s name is coming up again and again in Indian fashion. He is directly a member of the royal family. Princess Gauravi Kumari of Rajasthan. This 24-year-old princess has appeared on the cover of various Indian fashion magazines including ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ (India), ‘Femina’. Gaurbi has also been invited as a guest at various international fashion festivals including Paris Fashion Week. Recently opened his own clothing brand. And all the workers of that organization are local women of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Let’s find out about this princess who is a fashionista and fashion entrepreneur.


Gauravi Kumari’s full name is Rajkumari Sri Gauravi Kumari Lal Sahiba. She is the only daughter of Maharajashree Diya Kumari Sahib Photo: From Instagram


Gaurvi Kumari’s mother Diya Kumari married a commoner despite being a member of the royal family. That 1994 marriage broke up in 2018. Diya Kumari is a Member of Parliament of India. He is also the Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan. Gaurbi’s mother’s total assets amount to 2.8 billion dollars or 30 thousand 662 crore taka! Mother-daughter on the cover of Femina in photo: from Instagram


Maharani Gayatri Devi, Rajmata of Jaipur, is his maternal grandmother. Rajmata Padmini Devi Her Nani Pictures: From Instagram


Gaurvi Kumari captures both royal heritage and modernity in fashionPhoto: From Instagram


His number of followers on Instagram has crossed 2 lakh 64 thousand (as on April 21) Photo: from Instagram


Gauravishvi is one of the 28 most beautiful people in India in the April issue of the Indian edition of the world famous fashion magazine ‘Hello’: via Instagram


At the age of 11, Gaurvi was admitted to a boarding school. No one there knew his identity. As a result, this princess had a normal childhood like everyone else Photo: From Instagram


Gauravishvi graduated from New York University in the United States with a degree in ‘Media and Communication’: from Instagram


After the drama, Gaurvi apprenticed at Paper Magazine in New York. He used to do the styling of the photo shoot. Since then she plans to take up the fashion business as a careerPhoto: Instagram


Gaurvi has already launched her own clothing brand PDKF (Princess Diya Kumari Foundation). It is a part of his mother Diya Kumari’s social service organization. Photo with mother and brother: from Instagram


Local women of Rajasthan work here. They are also trained in various subjects: from Instagram


Gaurvi wants to take her fashion brand to the international arena. Along with that, they want to change the fate of local women through empowerment. Already available in French and US two companies are Gourveer’s brand clothing images: from Instagram


Pictured with Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor: From Instagram

Gaurvi herself loves to wear traditional clothes of Rajasthan. And you feel comfortable keeping your personal life under wraps: From Instagram


The princess says she neither goes to sleep nor wakes up with royal robes on her body. “And like all young women, I wake up in printed pajamas and comfortable tops,” says Gauri. Photo: Instagram


Gaurvi wakes up and starts the day with coffee. go to the gym After breakfast, he met the working women of his organization. Meeting photos: from Instagram


Spend time visiting the PDKF store at least once a day. Women working at PDKF store in photo: From Instagram


Gaurvi reads newspapers and magazines daily. Also watch television. In her spare time, she enjoys nature and pets. Photo: Instagram


This princess loves to travel Photo: From Instagram


Gaurvi emphasizes on being true to yourself, living a positive life without worries, helping others and moving towards your dreams a little at a time every day: From Instagram